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Our projects and facilities combines the appliment of renewable energies with high performace devices. We have the best international products and an experts team that have more than ten years of experience in this field, so we can guarranty the maxial energy sparing and the highest level of comfort at home. We can offer you the best advices about any issue you need due to our know how


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Residual water coming from the kitchen or the water closet

Solar flat collector
It is the most common one. It is made from and abosorbent panel, that is usually black to get the most solar radiation possible.

Solar fraction
Percentage of energy consumption covered by solar energy.

Solar inversor
Electricity provided by photovoltaics or wind energy is DC, but we need AC for our electrical appliances. Inversor is the device that transforms one in another

Solar photovoltaic panel
This is the main component in a photovoltaic facility, then absorbs fotons of the light and transform them in electricity.

Solar thermal collector or panel
Solar collectors are solar panels used in solar thermal energy. They absorb the heat produced by sun light and that heat is applied to the heating of drinking water and domestic heating, although they are sometimes used also in industrial processes.

Solar thermosiphon collector
Thermosiphon systems are the most simple solar energy solutions. Water deposit is integrated on the panel. They work only on a mechanical way and need no electricity to work. That is way they are cheap and easy to install. This is very good, because they don't depend on electricity supply to have hot water at home.