Investing in solar energy

How to earn money with renewables

To invest in solar energy is to invest in photovoltaic facilities for the posterior sale of the produced electricity to electricity company. Goverment guarantee terms and feed-in tarifs.

Solar Concentrator

It provides electricity and heating

Fosil fuels are limitated. Sun however will go on shining during 5 millions of years more. Solar energy is future, and our concentrator is the future of solar energy, because it concentrates solar energy in electricity and heat.

Solar Cooling

a new brand innovation

Climatewell is a compact cooling and heating system working all around the clock, giving a solution to practically all the cover needs of a dwelling: hot water, heating, cooling and swimming pool climatization.

Soliclima is an european company just installed in USA, that has among its employees has some of the european pioneers in the appliment of solar energy.

Thanks to the spreading of the awareness about climate change in USA, we have decided to make the jump in this country and contribute to de development of renewable energies through the european know-how.

Soliclima provides power solutions based on efficiency criteria, renewable energies and the saving of natural resources as water. Some of our products more demanded are solar hot water, phovoltaic energy for the sale of electricity and high performance heating and cooling.

Geothermal cooling in New York

Geothermal cooling in New York

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The world's largest rivers flow decreases due to global climate change

That is the conclusion reached by a study from the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate. Many people depend on water from these rivers for everything, from agriculture to drinking water. Among them are the Yellow River, the Ganges, the Niger and Colorado, all with a significant decrease in flow.