Cogeneration is a procedure of generating energy where both electricity and heat are produced at a time. It is a high performance system, as all of that ones offered by Soliclima, because the heat produced is residual heat coming from the production of electricity, and it is then the usage of a waste heat that otherwise wouldn't be used.

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Cogeneration is used for industrial purposes as well as for domestic ones, allthought it is usually applied in big buildings or in district heating. solicima installs domestic systems thougth for rural dwellings without access to electrification. System ecoisland, that works with natural gas or with propane, is ideal for this kind of builidings and installations, due to its feature of producing electricity, heating and hot water at once.

How cogeneration works

Domestic cogeneration

Cogeneration system installed by Sun & Climate

In an usual combustion, expulsed smoke comes out with high temperatures, while in cogeneration, smoke is cooled before its output to get a profit of its heat. Besides being a high performance system, it decreases polution, then for each electric unit prodced, we ony need 1,5 units, in front of the necesary 3 of conventional thermal production. Polution decreases then to 50%.

Componentes of a domestic cogeneration system

The heart of the system installed by Soliclima is the mini-cogeneration Ecopower, which allows to generate heat for heating and solar hot water and besides supplies electricity for our use or for sale. External inversor guarantee,by means of an special systen for the load controlling, a AC of 230 V/50Hz, and controlls load and unload of batteries needed for a continous supply of electricity.

A central heat acumulator, feeded directly by mini-cogeneration unit, is the responsible of satisfying the demand on heating and hot water. If, due to a mayor need of heat, more electricity is generated as what batteries can absorb, system transform it directly in heat by means of an electric resistance. If,by the contrary, electricity demand is so high that heating system cannot absorb the generated heat, an emergency heatsink emits this heat to atmosphere.

So, we can see how Ecoisland system guarantees a save a reliable energy supply during the whole year even when high quantities of heat and electricity are required. And it is as simple and effective as any other heating system.

Advantages of cogeneration

· Primary energy save. The performance of this facility all together is about 85%, while in traditional electricity production is 35%.
· Decreases polution
· Lower costs
· It receives grants and other incentives.