All these installations were done and are located in Europe and are an example of the types of intallations that we plan to introduce in the United States. We are looking for business partners in the U.S. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@soliclima.com


Main facilities

Solar panel facilities in New York

The role of solar thermal collectors is to harness the sun's energy and use it to heat water for domestic use.

High performance boiler

In this building, solar thermal energy for hot water was combined with the installation of a radiant floor system and a high performance boiler.

Solar energy in Tyler

Solar energy in Tyler, Oklahoma

Solar energy in Aurora

Solar energy in Aurora, Colorado

Solar energy in Santa Rosa

Solar energy in Santa Rosa, California

Geothermal cooling in New York

Geothermal cooling in New York City

Solar energy in Sheboygan

Solar hot water heating boiler with underfloor heating and high performance Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This building combined solar thermal energy for heating and hot water by installing a radiant floor system and a high efficiency boiler.

Solar power plant in Naples

Solar power plant in Naples, Florida Did you know .... Concentration photovoltaics has its origin in the space race?

Selected Facility
Geothermal cooling installers in New York city
Geothermal cooling installers in New York city Geothermal cooling installation in New York Geothermal cooling advantages Geothermal cooling system in New York Geothermal cooling in New York

Geothermal cooling in New York

Geothermal cooling in New York City

Geothermal cooling is based on renewable energy such as solar or wind power, but is not yet very known for home heating. It might be possible to receive subsidies.

Domestic geothermal heating is based on a domestic geothermal heat pump. A conventional heat pump is a very efficient device that serves both for heating and cooling. The heat pump uses no energy to heat, as, for example a boiler, but move heat from one place to another. When we want heating, heat is absorbed in the street, whereas when we want to do is refrigerate, heat is expelled inside the house from the outside. That's how the air conditioning works, which is nothing other than a heat pump.

Geothermal heating therefore is to exchange heat with the subsoil, which has more advantageous temperatures than the air of the street, as the ground remains at a constant temperature of 15 º C throughout year, much more better than 10 degrees or less is in the air in winter to over 30's in summer.

Domestic geothermal heating has a number of advantages . Among them, there is a high energy savings, comfort, subsidies, and above all, a reversible air conditioning, ie with the same facility that can produce both heating and air conditioning.