Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind energy, is the energy generated by the wind and can be used directly or be transformed as electric power. You can apply this energy on a large scale, being one of the most productive renewable energies or in small installations. Wind energy is currently the fastest growing renewable energy and represents a large portion of the electricity production.

Rural electricity supply

At Soliclima, we think of and design the best isolated eolic facilities, so that you never are without electricity. For that reason, all of our individual facilities have an auxiliary generator group, for the times when there are several days without sun.

We can transform a wind facility in a much more versatile one. Combining wind and solar energy we can get an hybrid facility, that doesn't depend so much on the weather to work.

In rural dwellings where there is no grid connection you need an stand-alone facility. A complete wind energy system warranty a reliable electricity supply of up to 3 days of wind absence and it is much cheaper than to ask for a grid conecction to the eletrical company.
To be sure of the electricity supply every day of the year, we need a fuel electricity generator as auxiliar system. So even if there is no wind during days, we can use electricity.