Water recycling

Water recycling

From all our natural resources, water is maybe the most valuable of all for us, because without water, human body can only live during 3 days. We must take care of our water, and Sun & Climate offers different products of water recycling with this aim: sewage treatment, grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, decalcification and reverse osmosis.


Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting consists of filtering the water collected in a given area, generally the roof or terrace and store it in a deposit. Later, the treated water is distributed through an independent hydraulic circuit of the potable water supply.

The irregularity of rain due to climate change makes recommends to the of some kind of system to preserve our water supplies.

Rainwater, allthought not drinking water, has a big quality, then  in contents  a very small  quantity of  polluion, so we can use it for many domestic uses where can replace drinking water, such as cleaning, irrigation or W.C. tank. And all this, thanks to and ease, simple and cheap installation.

Rainwater harvesting system

Rainwater harvesting uses roofs as water sensors and water is drived throught a pipe into a water tank, which can be buried in the garden or be on the surface, even inside the house. In the input of the tank a filter is installed, to avoid elements such as leaves or little animals. The sized of the tank is decided depending on the uses the water will have, on the surface of the roof and on the rain frecuency of the territory. The rain water is distributed throught an hydraulic circuit independent from drinking water net.

We must remember that this is not drinking water, so we can use it for everything but cooking, drinking, showing or bathing. The easiest way of using rainwater is irrigation. Infraestructure is very easy, but it saves a lot of money and water.

Rainwater harvesting advantages

Recogida de aguas pluviales
  • Cost and water savings. It might be up to 80% of used water at a single family house.
  • Ecological and free
  • It might receive grants and other incentives, depending on the state and city
  • Contribution to sustainability and environmental protection
  • Availability of water in water shortage or cuts periods
  • Very easy to install, so risk of failure and maintenance is minimal.
  • It has an important advantage if you apply it for clothing washing: rainwater has less lime than drinking water from public network so it is good for washing-machine.
  • It palliates erosion

The best option to keep water quality is to keep the tank underground.


Tanque para acumulación de aguas pluviales

Tank components

1. Tank
2. Telescopic cover, adjustable to the surface (750-950 mm)
3. Pack Filter 2, with:

  • Universal-Filter
  • Low flow
  • Siphon
  • Spannfix



Rainwater recovery in Philadelphia

Rainwater recovery and high performance industrial boiler in Philadelphia

Solar thermal energy will be used to provide hot water for the showers, the bathrooms and the kitchen of this facility, where nearly two hundred people work.

Soliclima has also performed two additional facilities: the air conditioning of the 40,000 m2 facility, for which two boilers of 300 kW each have been necessary, and a rainwater recovery system, which will be used to water the gardens.