Solar power

Solar power

Solar power derives directly from the Sun. The Sun is a free and endless source of energy that respects the environment without producing greenhouse gas emissions. With the use of photovoltaic panels, we can produce electricity during the day, store it and consume it later.

Solar powered pump

Soliclima suggests Hydraulic solar pumping as the the easiest and most economic way to bring water to farmlands without electrical power available, utilizing the most suitable technology for agricultural development.

Solar power can be used to pump water from a river or a well and even to convert a rainfed to an irrigated field crop.

Solar power is the most cheap and, of course, ecological option of electrical supply for irrigation there, where there is no electricity supply.

Solar powered pump

It usually happens, that crop fields don't usually have an electrical connection, so an electrical generator is needed to power the hydraulic pump. But solar and wind power provide some advantages in front of diesel generators. Wind and solar power are ecological and, most important, they are FREE once you have installed the array or the aerogenerator.

Advantages of solar powered pumps

  • Main advantage is the fuel saving. You still keep the electrical generator, but this one only starts working when meteorological conditions are adverse.
  • This fuel saving means money saving
  • Comfort. It is not necessary anymore to go to the fuel supplier nor to transport or store the fuel.
  • It is ecological; it doesn't emit CO2 nor other kind of pollution.
  • It is renewable. Renewable is not equal to ecological, but is connected. Renewable means that that energy source doesn't get exhaust, no matter how much we use it. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, does get exhausted.
  • Receives grants and other incentives

There are two different posiblities of installation:
1. A more simple installation, where solar panels are directly connected to the pump and water is pumped only when sun shines.
2. A more complex installation, where some batteries are requiered to store electicity and irrigate when farmer needs.

Technical Support

Sun & Climate offers likewise Technical Support for every kind of facilities based on renewable energies.