Geothermal heating

Geothermal heating

Geothermal heating is the most efficient heating we can find, then it is based in a heat pump -the most efficient heating system-, but it goes one step beyond, then it applies a renewable energy: geothermia.

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Geothermal heating

Geothermal heating

Geothermal heating

Geothermal heating warranties more confort to cover energy needs of your home on the most efficient and ecological way, minimizing energy consumption and, thus, costs and CO2 savings.

This kind of heating has the highest performance: it is producing at once air conditionning, heating and domestic hot water, with a minimal consumption, thanks to the use of a heat pump that is taking advantage of the geothermical features of the subsoil.


Aplications in Geothermal heating

Geothermal Heating

We have to differentiate amont geothermia and domestic geothermal heating. The first one means you have and active heat source in the subsoil, and is to find specially in volcanic territories, or there where there are many geisers. Heat is used to produce electriciy in power plants. Domestic geothermal cooling is something different. It is just something similitar to conventional air conditionning, but instead of pushing the heat outdoors, you push it into the subsoil, that is cooler that air street, and the device needs so less energy to work. Domestic geothermal heating works just the same: you absorb heat from the subsoil -not  from street air- and push it into the house.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

The same geothermal system can also be used to cool the building.

Mixing geothermical heting and solar energy with radiant floor heating, you and your  familiy will be able to enjoy for generations the best energy solution for your home.

Solar thermal energy produces heat and gives up this heat to the heating and hot water system of the house. Spain, in Europe, is a world potency in solar energy, and renewable energies in general are promoted from several institutions which grant domestic solar systems.

Radiant floor heating is the heating emisor more efficient and healthy you can find in the market. It is made of a pipes circuit flowing under the floor, distributed homogeneously. This pipes have a liquid inside that becomes the heat from the boiler and gives it up to the floor, keeping it warm or cold, depending on the season. It consums much less energy than radiators and is regarded from this reason as a high efficiency device, so its installation can also receive grants and incentives.

How geothermical heating works

Bomba de calor geotermica

Geothermal heating pump

Bomba de calor geotérmica instalada

Installed geothermal heating pump

Heat pump used in the geothermal heating is the geothermal heat pump. First of all, the best ist to explain how heat pumps work.

Electricity used is not applied to generate heat directly, like an electrical resistance, but to move heat from a place to another, just as ist name indicates. This has converted it in on the most efficient machines to find, because for each consumed energy unit, you can produce four energy units.

Heat pumps can be reversible or not; fridge is a non reversible one, while an air conditionning device, can be reversible, generating heating or cooling.

Working mechanism uses several different physical laws. Inside the heat pump, there is an hydraulic circuit for heating, such as the one used for boiler heating systems.

The heat pump conteined in an air conditionning machine, heat is moved to the street air, or brought from the street air; But in a geothermal heat pump, the heat exchange is made with subsoil, that has much better temperature conditions for it.

Domestic geothermal heating advantages

  • It receives grants and other incentives
  • The best advantage is its energy efficiency, then by combinating heat pump, that is already a high efficiency device in itself, with renewable energies, it produces 5 times more energy that consumed.
  • As already mentioned, is renewable. This means that it is not a fuel that can be exhausted, such as oil or coal. Renewable energies doesnt mean any raw material consumption. Sun is not going to shine less if we use its light, and so on.
  • It is ecologic
  • It is integral. The same instalation can be used to produce heat, air conditionning and hot water.
  • It is confortable.  Everything works on an automatic way, without the user can notice anything or be worry about refuelling, scents or noise.

Grants and other incentives

This kind of heating has been used for decades, mainly in the States and in the north of Europe.

Differences among geothermia and geothermal heating

We have to differentiate between geothermy and geothermal heating. The first one mean there is an active source of heat and it comes into view mainly in volcanic territories or there where there are many geisers. This heat is used in power plants that produce a big amount of electricity.

Domestic geothermal heating, however, works different. You don't need an active heat source to have in working. It is enough with the subsoil feature of keeping the same temperature during the whole year. You only need a geothermal heat pump instead of a normal heat pump to have geothermal heating at home.

Geothermal heating applications

Geothermal heating is not only used in the domestic heating. It can be also applied in industrial processes, just like the resto of renewables, commercial locals, greenhouses, fish farms, and so on.