High efficiency boilers

High efficiency boilers

Sun & Climate only offers high efficiency boilers that have the most advanced technology, so they can save up to 40% of fuel. They use fossil fuels -gas or diesel-, and can be very well integrated in any already working heating system.

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High efficiency boilers

High efficiency boilers

High efficiency oilers

Sun & Climate is not only specialist in renewable energies; we are also known because energy efficiency programs. Among other products, we offer high efficiency boilers. These boilers are the best technology in the international market, saving up to 40% of energy in front of conventional ones.

Aplications in High efficiency boilers

Condensing gas boilers

They work with gas and reach a PCI efficiency of around 109%. Compared to conventional boilers, up to 40% savings can be achieved. The key to such high efficiency is their ability to cool the exhaust gases until condensating them, a procedure that cannot be done with any other type of fuel, due to the danger of corrosion.

They work with oil and consistently achieve an efficiency near 94%, reaching up to 20% savings compared to conventional boilers.


High efficiency boilers

High efficiency boilers

Sun & Climate high efficiency boilers can get the best of the fuel combustion, decrease the fuel consumption and the polluting gases emissions, and provide a cost saving between 20and 40% in relation with a conventional boiler.

The advanced technology applied in these high efficiency boilers allow to regulate very exactly the heat quantity needed to cover the needs of the house. Only if more heat amout is needed, more fuel is consumed, so high performance is one of the main features of this boilers.

Most of the time we are using domestic heating, outside temperatures are not very low; few days of the year the temperature outside is really low. Most boilers are so manufacturated that they cover thouse cold days, but need fast so much fuel all the rest of the time. Our boilers are so produced that they can conver that cold days but can regulate very exactly the fuel quantity they need the rest of the time. You can see that in our chart called 'Heating temperatures'.

As we can see in the Boilers performance chart, condensation boilers and high efficiency boilers have a very high efficiency in this average days, in comparation with conventional boilers; their performance is more usual only in the coldest days of the winter.

These high efficiency boilers use fossil fuels such as diesel or gas, so they can be integrated very easily in any heating system already working.

If you combine a high efficiency boiler together with a solar system, you can save up to 60% of energy cost all over the year.

There are two different technologies that adapt to the definition of low consumption boiler: condensation boilers and low temperature boilers.

Boilers performance Heating temperatures

High efficiency boilers: condensation gas boilers

Sun & Climate installs condensation gas boilers. They can save fuel because they use the residual heat that is usually in the emitted smoke, wich reaches temperatures of 660ºK. A condensation boiler reuses this smoke heat and emits smoke to only 100ºF.

Condensing boilers have the technology to harness the energy released in the process of condensation of gaseous substances, also known as smoke, ejected in the boiler combustion. Thanks to this energy recovery, the team manages to increase its performance and energy savings.

When you buy something in a boiler natural gas, propane or butane, generate an amount of highly energetic steam. In conventional boilers, water vapor is expelled along with the other gases, fumes, to a temperature of between 150 to 180 ° C, while, in condensing boilers, the temperature is between 40 and 50 degrees C, since the aim is to lower the temperature of these gases to condense and thus harness the latent heat is apparent. This condensation is achieved also thanks to a wide area of exchange in the boiler. The sum of the contributions produced by the energy of condensation is recovered 11% of the total energy is the fuel.

No wonder then that these boilers achieve yields nearly 110%. This does not mean it produces more energy than it takes fuel, but the normal efficiency of boilers is calculated without taking into account the energy recovered from condensation. So, get up to 40% savings on conventional boilers.

Its versatility makes it suitable to be adaptable to floor heating systems.

High efficiency boilers: low temperature diesel boilers

Low temperature diesel boilers are high technology devices that allow to regulate very exactly the heat amount needed to cover water flow needs, avoiding to switch on and out constantly, reaching high efficiency rates. They are called low temperature, not because they cannot reach high tempertures, but because they are more effective in low temperatures than conventional boilers are. They can save up to 30% of fuel.

Low temperature boilers are those whose technology, perfectly adapted to each state, allows to regulate the heat input applied to the water flow and outside air temperature at all times avoid starting and stopping constantly and has a very high performance. In this way, you get to maximize the heat generated, reducing losses, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Can be heated, for example, water at 40 º C for domestic use or radiant floor heating in steady state.

They have a steady performance close to 94%, thus achieving a saving energy and economic which ranges from 20 to 30% compared to a conventional boiler. Although the so-called low temperature, they can heat water hsta 80 ° C needed for a radiator system.

As in the case of condensing boilers, their versatility makes them suitable to be supplemented by solar thermal collectors. Thus, a heating system with a low-temperature boiler and solar collectors can expect to save between 50 and 60% of energy.

Technical Support

Sun & Climate offers Technical Support for every high efficiency boiler all over the states.


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Diesel boilers

Diesel boilers

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