World is asumming a big deal: to change energetic model, from a consum based in fosil fuels, to a model based in an energy mix where renewable energies have a big part. Fosil fuels are limitated and they will soon be exhausted. Sun however will go on shining during 5 millions of years more. Solar energy is future, and our concentrator is the future of solar energy, because it concentrates solar energy in electricity and heat.

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It handles on hybrid system that allos to get to different types of applications: heat (for heating and hot water) and electricity (that can be sold to electric company).

Aplications in Concentrators

Solar hot water

Cilindrical parabolic concentrators make a fluid pass throug an small pipe where heat is concentrated, causing that this heats and we can get solar hot water.


It consists in taking advantages of a heating fluid to distribute it along the already installed heating system, radiators, radiant floor and so on.

Sale of electricity

Our experience in every kind of facilities allow us to design and adapt a facility so that its performance is the highest. That is why we only use the best products of the market

Revolutionary idea behind this product is to offer in only one product solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, heat and electricity together in only one panel for the very first time in the world. This is the result of many years of research and tests.

Concentrator for thermic and photovoltaic solar energy

This product has received several international awargs, as Sustainable Stockholm Award and WWF Award Carl Mannerfeldt. The concentrator is a cilindrical - parabolic concentrator that concentrates light 10 times over the receptor. It is equiped with the newest photovoltaic technology and with a solar tracker. The solar tracker has a program that allows to protect solarcells of overheating or storms. If sensor detects an overheating, solar tracker diverts direct sun to an indirect way. It also has an integrated server, so we can control the facility through internet.

Advantages of solar concentrator

  • With only one module we can generate heat and electricity at once.
  • Available room is optimized on the roof for the maximun energy performance
  • It gets the maximun solar radiation due to its tracking system.
  • Installation costs also decreases
  • it is easy to install.
  • It produces more solar thermal energy than a conventional colector
  • It is so designed that it is easy to change components in the case that new photovoltaic technologies are developed, what will occurs for sure.
  • it is able to generate heat on a stable way with an homogen temperature of 160ºF.
  • It doesn't exist an overheating danger due to its control system.
  • It is manufacturated in different longs, so we can combine them.