Products and Services

Our projects and facilities combines the appliment of renewable energies with high performace devices. We have the best international products and an experts team that have more than ten years of experience in this field, so we can guarranty the maxial energy sparing and the highest level of comfort at home. We can offer you the best advices about any issue you need due to our know how

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Services and Products

Renewable energies are much more than wind energy or photovoltaic parks injecting electricity in the grid. Domestic economy can also get a profit of its use, and the energetic effciency of other devices.

There is a wide variety of domestic and industrial applications. We remark next:

· Solar thermal energy to generate hot water and heating

· High performance boilers, that can use gasoil, gas or pellets as fuel.

· Pellets  stoves

· High performance climatization, that take advantage of the high performace of heat pumps.

· Radiant floor, the best emisor system for cooling and heating  versus  fan-coils or radiators

· Outdoors swimming pools climatization, thanks to solar energy to  enlarge  bath season.

· Solar energy cooling, a recent innovation that has won several awards all over the world.