Business opportunities

Business opportunities

Renewable energies offer big business opportunites for everybody, big companies and small ones. Soliclima can advise you about the different options.

Business in solar energy

Investing in solar energy

Soliclima has an own engineering department dedicated specially to photovoltai energy projects development for the sale of electricity.

What is it to invest in solar energy

To invest in solar energy is to invest in photovoltaic facilities for the posterior sale of the produced electricity to electricity company. Goverment guarantee terms and feed-in tarifs.

The result is the creation of investment products focused in every person or company that wishes to invest in solar energy without having previous experience in this sector.

Soliclima offers several models up which you can make this investion, and the corresponding viability plans for each case.

  • Investing in own projects as turnkey solutions.
  • Roofs in renting for photovoltaic facilities
  • Projects with several partnerts

Besides being a very profitalbe business, solar energy has other benefits:

  • Saving of natural resources
  • Less dependence of poluting energies


Solar photovoltaic energy is electric energy obtained directly from the sun thanks to solar panels.

this kind of energy is a real alternative to traditional sources of energy based in fossil fuels that polute environment due to its emissions of greenhouse effect gases.

Without doubt, this is the most clean, cheap and inexhaustible source of energy.

Photovoltaics, a general vision

  • International comunity, through agreements as Kioto Protocoll, has chosen photovoltaic energy as a real alternative to solve the problems of the international energetic setting.
  • Our country has a privileged geographical location for the production of electricity by means of photovoltaic solar energy
  • Solar photovoltaic energy helps to reduce the energetic dependec of other countries
  • Renewable energy is now being promoted by Obama Administration with a strength not known before. No it is the time to be started in this sector.

Who can invest in photovoltaic

Investing in solar photovoltaic energy for the sale of electricity is possible for every one that ones to start in this sector, no matter if you are a company or not.

Cómo obtener beneficios en fotovoltaica

There are three posiblities

  • Hiring of industrial roofs
    Owners of factories can rent their roofs as room for photovoltaic facilities.
  • Own photovoltaic turnkey solutions
    Investing in a turnkey solution.
  • Joint operation
    Several partners create a limited society, which is the one who invest in the photovoltaic project.

Facilities types

Facilities over factories roofs

  • They get advantage of the existing electrical grid for the injection of produced electricity.
  • Favorece el consumo de la energía producida en zonas de gran demanda energética They encourage the consum of this energy there where the highest demand is.
  • They have lower environmental impact as the ones in the country.

Facilities in single family residences and other residencial buildings

Rural projects
This are facilities made on the floor. They are considered to have a bigger environmental impact as facilities on roofs.

Investion advangates

  • Long term investion
  • Small risk
  • Warranty of the goverment
  • Rentabilidad mínima garantizada Minimal guaranteed profitability
  • Fiscal advantages

Financials in photovoltaic

  • Banks offer funding lines to promote this sector
  • Insurance companies invest in this sector because of its security.
  • The only companies that rise continously in stock market are renowable energies companies.

Soliclima warranties with its 10 years of experience in renewable energies any project for photovoltaics facilities with production of electricity for electrical company.

What Soliclima can offer you

  • More than ten years of photovoltaic experience
  • The best products of international market.
  • Turngkey solutions: design, installation, maintenance, production control.
  • Soliclima designs each project as an financial unit that has to generate the maximal profit.

Invest in your own business

We design your turnkey project as your business depending on the money you want to invest.

Benefits of a such investion

  • Renewable energies are the future energy, the alternative to fossil fuels
  • Goverment guarantees the purchase of electricity
  • Financial return in 10 years
  • Life of facilities are longer than 25 years.
  • Small risk

Rent your roof

  • You will get additional incomes to your actitity, without investing a cent more
  • You get a profit from a wasted room
  • Solar investor is responsible for the maintanance of the roof
  • The risk with the owner of the solar facility is minimal, due to the goverment warranty
  • It increases the value of the property.

Our photovoltaic facilities

All these installations were done and are located in Europe and are an example of the types of intallations that we plan to introduce in the United States. We are looking for business partners in the U.S. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us using our support contact form