All these installations were done and are located in Europe and are an example of the types of intallations that we plan to introduce in the United States. We are looking for business partners in the U.S. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@soliclima.com

Geothermal heating Facilities

Geothermal heating in Michigan

Geothermal installation in Yakima, Washington

Geothermal is an available renewable energy.

Geothermal cooling in New York

Geothermal cooling in New York City

Geothermal and photovoltaic in Colorado

¿ Did you know that... we can already foresee the future of photovoltaics ?

Geothermal cooling in Florida

Geothermal cooling in Miami, Florida Geothermal cooling is very efficient in warm climates as Florida

Geothermal cooling in Arizona

Geothermal cooling in PhoenixArizona

Geothermal cooling in Texas

Geothermal cooling in Dallas, Texas

Geothermal cooling in Utah

Geothermal cooling in Salt Lake City,Utah

Selected Facility
Geothermal heating in Salt Lake City, Utah
Geothermal heating in Salt Lake City, Utah Geothermal tests in Utah

Geothermal cooling in Utah

Geothermal cooling in Salt Lake City,Utah

Geothermal air conditioning is the most efficient type of air conditioning there, producing up to five times more energy than it consumes. It is also true that your installation is more complex than conventional heat pump, system on which it is based. For this reason, it is the ideal system for facilities that require large volumes Heated such as hospitals, sports centers, museums.

In this case, was carried out calefcción Chillida Museum of Legazpi using geothermal heat pump. The building has an approximate area of 750 m2 divided into a plant and bajocubierta, where is installed an air conditioning system with radiant floor of 592 mw in the first floor and fan heaters in bajocubierta.

The thermal demand is 134,385 kWh / year for heating. The pump has a power of 52 kW.

It has been necessary installation sobredimensar calculating energy needs of about 100 W/m2 since this is an old uninsulated building.

The energy requirements provided for
simulation are:
- Annual energy requirements of the building: 134,385 kWh
- Power consumption of the geothermal heat pump: 30.400kW
- Difference of consumption with a boiler degasoil: 9509 €
- Percentage of annual savings: 75%
- CO2 emissions avoided per year: 22,165 kg

From these figures one can deduce that the extra cost caused by the higher price of geothermal installation is amortized over the eighth year.

In the secondary image, we see the realization of a well test. In single-family buildings is not performed, because it is not considered profitable, but in large plants Heated large volumes, to drill the first well will test its performance for the exact number of wells needed.