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Geothermal heating Facilities

Geothermal heating in Michigan

Geothermal installation in Yakima, Washington

Geothermal is an available renewable energy.

Geothermal cooling in New York

Geothermal cooling in New York City

Geothermal and photovoltaic in Colorado

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Geothermal cooling in Florida

Geothermal cooling in Miami, Florida Geothermal cooling is very efficient in warm climates as Florida

Geothermal cooling in Arizona

Geothermal cooling in PhoenixArizona

Geothermal cooling in Texas

Geothermal cooling in Dallas, Texas

Geothermal cooling in Utah

Geothermal cooling in Salt Lake City,Utah

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Geothermal energy in Yakima
Geothermal energy in Yakima Geothermal installers in Yakima Geothermal facility in Yakima Geothermia in Yakima

Geothermal installation in Yakima, Washington

Geothermal is an available renewable energy.

There are several ways of utilizing this type of energy. In places where there are hot springs or geisers it can be used to heat the floor at an industrial level.

But, for domestic use, it´s not necessary that the subsoil possess extraordinary characteristics. Here we´ll explain its operation.

Home heating and cooling using geothermal energy is based on the use of a geothermal heat pump. In the section on climate we make a more detailed description of the operation of a heat pump. Here, we shall only say that it is a high efficiency device, because the energy that it consumes is not used directly to produce heat or cooling, but, to move heat from one place to another. Normally, a heat pump, of which air conditioning is an example, exchanges heat with the air of the street, but, in the case of a geothermal pump, the exchange is done with the subsoil, which offers nicer temperatures (about 15ºC throughout the year). It is clear that in winter, it´s easier to 'get heat' from the 15ºC offered by the subsoil, than from the outside temperature, which will be lower.