All these installations were done and are located in Europe and are an example of the types of intallations that we plan to introduce in the United States. We are looking for business partners in the U.S. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@soliclima.com

Solar heating Facilities

Solar energy in New York

Solar energy in New York City. Solar energy can also be used to climatize an indoor swimming pool

Solar energy in Philadelphia

Solar energy for heating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Solar energy in Salt Lake City

Solar heating system in Salk Lake City, Utah How to get a benefit from residual heat of solar heating to climatize a swimming pool

Solar energy in Oklahoma

Even the coldest places can have a profit from solar energy heating

Solar energy in Missouri

Solar heating systems in Missouri In the third picture we can see part of the inverted return used in the solar field. It consists in extending pipe to the farest collector and to start introducing water in it, to pass afterwards to the closer one, and so on. We can so eliminate the problem of low pression for the last rows of collectors if we started to inject water first in the closest rows.

Solar energy in Tennessee

How to optimize energy costs

Solar heating facilities in Cleveland, Ohio

Single family residences that have an solar thermal energy that can get a profit of the solar radiation to heat the swimming pool water

Solar energy in Indiana

There are two mains types of solar energy.

Selected Facility
Solar hot water facilities in Tennessee
Solar hot water facilities in Tennessee Pellets boilers in Tennessee Solar energy in Tennessee

Solar energy in Tennessee

How to optimize energy costs

Many clients that have planned to build a single family residence ask us for advice about the structure of the energetic system of the house.

We strongly recommend to use always solar energy not only for solar heating water, but for domestic heating as well, because the money investion is not much higher and we can secure us a big amount of money saved during the whole lifetime of the facility.

As options for the generation of energy, we can also give a piece of advice. We recommend to use pellets boilers and heat pumps. Only as a second option, we offer gas or gasoil high performance boilers, since they are less ecological, due to the use of fossil fuels.

Pellets are small balls of a material similar to sawdust. This material comes from forestal wastes.

Heat pumps are not very known by the public, but they are high efficiency climatization. They are basically devices that move heat from a place to another, just as water pumps. That is why they are so efficient, because they need the energy to generate that moving, not to generate more energy.

A fridge, for example, is a not reversible heat pump, that means, it moves heat in only one direction. In this case, they extract heat from the inside of the fridge and they expulse it to the outside with the pipes located behind the fridge. So, we can see, they are not using electricity to generate cold, but to empy the fridge of heat. They only move heat.

A good heat pump can be used to cover 100% of the energetic demand of a dwelling: it can produe hot water, heating and cooling.