All these installations were done and are located in Europe and are an example of the types of intallations that we plan to introduce in the United States. We are looking for business partners in the U.S. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@soliclima.com

Solar hot water Facilities

Solar energy in Oregon

Solar energy inOregon

Solar energy in Memphis

Solar hot water facilities in Memphis, Tennessee Solar energy is not the only way to save fuel costs.

Solar hot water in New York

Solar hot water in New York City One of the first facilities of Soliclima

Solar energy in Baltimore

Installation of Solar hot water and electricity in Baltimore, Maryland Solar thermal energy is not only used to generate hot water for domestic use. You can also use it for production processes, for example, to heat water used for washing agricultural facilities.

Solar energy in Nashville

Solar hot water facilities in Nashville, Tennessee Solar thermal energy: engine room

Solar energy in Las Vegas

Solar hot water and heated swimming pools in Las Vegas, Nevada Solar energy can be used to climatize pools

Solar energy in Louisville

Solar hot water for a business in Louisville , Kentucky Not only homes may benefit from hot water using solar energy.

Solar energy in Oklahoma

Solar energy facility in multi sport facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Domestic solar solutions have a tank where the solar heat exchange between the plates and drinking water takes place. When the tank is greater than 1000 liters, the exchange occurs on the outside, through a plate exchanger, which is what we saw in the second image.

Selected Facility
Solar energy in Oregon
Solar energy in Oregon solar collectors in Oregon Solar contractors in Oregon Solar facilities in Oregon Solar panel facilities in Oregon Gasoil boilers in Oregon collectors facilities in Oregon

Solar energy in Oregon

Solar energy inOregon

Solar energy photovoltaic modules are based on a silica semiconductor, althought there are several lines of research seeking new materials more frequents in the nature.

Solar collectors are a compartiment crossed by an hydraulic circuit that arrives to a deposit of drinking water and transmits the generated heat to the collectors. There is a variant, the collectors of vacuum tubes. Its look is different, they are not flat, but are formed with cilindrical shaped glass tubes with vacuum inside. Due to this circumstance, its isolating capacity is much higher than usual collectors. They are used in several differente cases of solar energy applyment: to generate heating, when roof orientation is not the best, and when a higher temperature is needed for industrial processes.

In this facility, vacuum collectors were used.