All these installations were done and are located in Europe and are an example of the types of intallations that we plan to introduce in the United States. We are looking for business partners in the U.S. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@soliclima.com

Solar hot water Facilities

Solar energy in Deltona, Florida

Our experience has allowed us to use all kinds of resources. In this case, we used a special shield for panels, meant for those cases in which a high probability of enduring heavy impacts, is foreseen.

Solar energy in Tampa, Florida

Solar energy is a free source that we can use for the heating of water in our homes, thanks to a solar panel and transmits it to the water.

Solar energy in Cape Coral, Florida

The lack of space on the roof led to the placing of the plates in the garden, making sure they would not be under the shade at any time.

Solar heater

Solar heater in Juneau, Alaska

Solar thermal panels with incorporated accumulator is of great utility when there is little room or when small quantities of water are consumed.

Solar hot water and air conditioning in Connecticut

In this installation, we had the disadvantage of the orientation of the roof (east-west), therefore, the use of conventional plates was not recomended.

Solar water heater

Solar water heater for single family residence in Boise , Idaho

Solar energy in San Antonio

Solar energy in San Antonio, Texas

An alternative solution to engine room

Solar energy in Columbus

Solar energy in Columbus, Ohio

Selected Facility
Solar energy in Columbus, Ohio
Solar energy in Columbus, Ohio Solar panels in Columbus, Ohio

Solar energy in Columbus

Solar energy in Columbus, Ohio

In fact, as we have already published in news.soliclima.com, California already used it, to heat water, in the late nineteenth century. The fossil fuel boom, unfortunately, ended this practice, but, luckily, more and more people have been interested in solar energy since the 70s, coinciding with the first oil crisis.

Actually, and because governments already consider the climatic change an irrefutable scientific fact, its use already began to be promoted, some years ago. Currently, the Spanish state and many of its municipalities, provide grants to install solar energy in existing buildings. For new construction, it is mandatory to install solar thermal energy systems to cover a specific percentage of the hot water needs. That percentage varies depending on the geographical location of the region, as the radiation received by each, is also variable.