Business opportunities

Business opportunities

Renewable energies offer big business opportunites for everybody, big companies and small ones. Soliclima can advise you about the different options.

Energy model is changing all over the world. Climate change and foreseeable oil exhaustion has made goverments and institutions all over the world to take actions to promote renewable energies. This is why renewable energies and optimization of productive processes  to increase energy efficiency are resources that companies will use more frecuently.

Radiant floor, for instance, is a  domestic heating system of high performance that can be very interesting for industrial companies to apply it in their drying processes.

Renewable energies also offer a wide range of posibilities for the companies.

Hotels can get big benefits from solar energy, then hot water and heating consumed by its clients can be a great part of their costs. Campings can amortize this facility much more faster than hotels, because the highest demand of energy is right in summer, just when the sun shines more.

Industry can have a double advantage in solar energy; on one hand, they can use it for their employees showers, and for industrial processes that need hot waer, for example cleaning processes in meat industry.

On the other hand, they can get an advantage of their roofs to install solar photovoltaic energy and sale this electricity to de electricity company.