Man thought that the Earth was an inexhaustible source of resources, and that his actions upon it would have no consequences. But the consequences begin to arrive and very few believed it, at first. Only a few were able to predict what we all now accept as fact and even less did something in order to prevent what was coming. Soliclima was one of the few pioneers.

We take care of the present, because we are interested in the Future

In recent years, the international community has become aware of the need to curb climate change as its reality is now accepted by everybody. In this context, the demand for renewable energies and public aid has increased steadily, with a growing number of both, individuals and companies, applying for this type of facilities.

Soliclima specializes in the installation of all types of renewable energy, particularly solar and eolic energy; our work is guaranteed by a team of professionals with years of experience in this field, with hundreds of installations and satisfied customers throughout Spain. Our facilities are simple to use by the customer, not having to worry about the maintenance, since we take care of that, ourselves.

Using solar energy, other renewable energies or devices of energetic efficiency, not only offers an economic benefit to the user, but also, a service to the planet, to society and to future generations. Soliclima has always worked to promote sustainable development, since we are interested in our children having the best possible future. Because of that, we take care of the present.

Solar energy installers