Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind energy, is the energy generated by the wind and can be used directly or be transformed as electric power. You can apply this energy on a large scale, being one of the most productive renewable energies or in small installations. Wind energy is currently the fastest growing renewable energy and represents a large portion of the electricity production.

Sale of electricity

The experience with different types of renewable energies allows us to design and to orient an eolic facility, so that the greatest amount of energy can be sold. For that reason, we only use the best equipment and those that better adjust to the conditions of each installation. This way, we make sure we get the greatest performance, making the facility very cost effective.

The objetive of connecting a wind energy facility to the electrical grid is to sell all the electricity production. To invest in one of this facilities is the best option to help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, earning money at the same time.

Some states as California are already offering feed-in tariffs and it is to expect tha Obama goverment will offer subsidies for the hole country.