Water recycling

Water recycling

From all our natural resources, water is maybe the most valuable of all for us, because without water, human body can only live during 3 days. We must take care of our water, and Sun & Climate offers different products of water recycling with this aim: sewage treatment, grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, decalcification and reverse osmosis.


Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process by means of a semipermeable membrane that functions as a filter. This membrane has small pores that do not permit the particles in suspension contained in water to pass, but do allow water molecules through.

On this way, we can remove high porcents of heavy metals and other toxic materials, such as sulfates or bicarbonates, obtaining drinking water, the best for our health.
  Reverse osmosis is recommended for persons with kidneys problems and to cook.

Water treatment with osmosisHow osmosis works

If we mix two different fluids with different densities, an uniform fluid stays with a density result of the mix of the 2 different densities.

Between these two different fluids, we introduce a semipermeable membrane that allows to pass water molecules, but not the molecules of solid matter. Clean water and solid waste are so pulled apart. Osmosis stops when a balance is reached between concentrarion or when hydrostatic pressure is higher than osmotic pressure.

Reverse osmosis: to cause the reverse effect, a pressure is applied on the side where the solid waste is.

Before purification, there is a previous process of filtering to remove the biggest solid waste particles in order to evoid that they hinder the membrane.