Water recycling

Water recycling

From all our natural resources, water is maybe the most valuable of all for us, because without water, human body can only live during 3 days. We must take care of our water, and Sun & Climate offers different products of water recycling with this aim: sewage treatment, grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, decalcification and reverse osmosis.


Water Decalcification

The water that comes to our home directly from the public water supply, has minerals and other substances that can be harmful to our body. Water purification, will provide energy savings, increased performance and longevity of appliances.

There are other important factors, as the easier maintenance of the electric appliances of the dwelling that need water to work. Washing machine, for example, breaks ofter if the water has a high level of calcification.

Water decalcification

Among other problems, lime can generate calcification: to accumulate lime can affect to any electric device which uses water to work, and affects dramatically the efficiency of electric resistances. Resistance can even break.

Our IonFiler features are:
- Environmental friendly by using a 50% less than sales and to 65% less of water than a conventional equipment.
- The wider warranty in the market: 3 years for electronic, 3 for forniture and depostis, 10 for bottle, 5 for valves and one year of warranty for the rest of components
- It has an intelligent controller to optimize consum of sales and water.
- Regeneration against current reduces till 50% the need of regenerant sales