Solar heating

Solar heating

Solar heating produces hot water by heat interchange between the water in the solar plates and the water we are going to consume. No electricity is generated during this process. Solar Thermal Energy is used in single homes, apartment buildings, sports facilities, etc...

Solar heating for pools

We can extend the swimming season and the comfort of the swimming pool, by increasing the water temperature by a few degrees. At Soliclima, we have designed the best option to achieve that, for both, outdoor and indoor pools.

Solar heating for pools


Solar energy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Solar energy in Oklahoma

Solar energy facility in multi sport facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Domestic solar solutions have a tank where the solar heat exchange between the plates and drinking water takes place. When the tank is greater than 1000 liters, the exchange occurs on the outside, through a plate exchanger, which is what we saw in the second image.

Collective installations such as multi sport facilities, residences for the elderly, hospitals, hotels, motels and campsites, benefit greatlyt from the solar hot water generated for showers and toilets. Many companies located in industrial buildings that offer their employees the opportunity to shower, also consider this option, because after a small initial investment, large energy savings in their monthly bills are obtained.

Campsites benefit the most, since, they have a bigger demand in the summetime, when the sun is hotter. Therefore, the installation is cheaper, because it doesn´t have to be designed for winter and be amortized before.