Solar heating

Solar heating

Solar heating produces hot water by heat interchange between the water in the solar plates and the water we are going to consume. No electricity is generated during this process. Solar Thermal Energy is used in single homes, apartment buildings, sports facilities, etc...

Solar Hot Water

A profitable solution and easy, to obtain hot water for free: with a simple installation, 100% of the hot water consumption of a home, even in winter, can be obtained, saving energy and money.

In Soliclima, only the best international products are used. Our solar energy products are the best of the european market. Our experience of ten years and the satisfaction of our clientes are our garantee. The most simple and economic way of getting a profit of solar energy is producing solar hot water.

Solar hot water
Solar water

Solar hot water advantages

Grants and other incentives
It saves up to 95% of the energy needed in the whole year for hot water
• The saving in energy means cost saving
• It's ecological
It doesn't pollute nor emits CO2
• Less energy use means more energy independence from foreign countries
  It also means energy independence in case of cuts in the energy supply
• It is the easiest way of the citizen to colaborate to enjoy from a clean environment
Long useful life period, about 25 years
Easy to use. Everything works automatically and user doesn't have to worry about anything

Solar energy, how it works

A solar hot water system is made of a group of solar collectors, a water deposit and an hydraulic pump. Solar panels can be installed in different places: on the roof or on a terrace. Even in the garden.

Primary circuit absorbs the heat got in the solar panels, and this is transported to the water deposit, where ot is transmitted to the water we will use al home.

Thouse days where solar energy cannot heat the water up to the temperature we need, an auxiliar heating group is applied, generally a gas o diesel boiler.

the whole process works under the control of an electronic central device called solar control, that automates and coordinates the circulation of hydraulic circuits, the right temperature, security and other issues.

Utilities with big energy consumption such as hotels, campings or sports centers can take the most advantages of solar energy

The most simple solar energy system for hot water

The easiest and cheaper solar system for hot water is this solar heater, called thermosyphon, where everything works mechanical and automatically, so no electricity is needed. Water deposit is installed together with the solar collector, on the roof. Maintenance is also very easy.

Technical Support

Soliclima offers a technical support of big quality thanks to its long experience of more of 10 years in solar energy.


Solar water heater

Solar water heater

Solar water heater for single family residence in Boise , Idaho

Solar water heaters unify deposit and solar collector, sending hot water directly to the dwelling without the need of an installation inside the house.

Thermosiphon is a mechanical solution for the generation of solar hot water, without the need of installing big accumulators in engine rooms. They don't need even electricity to work, because there are neither solar control -facility is autoregulated on a mechanical way- nor hydraulic pumps. This is the more simple and economical solution althought is also the most limitated.