World is asumming a big deal: to change energetic model, from a consum based in fosil fuels, to a model based in an energy mix where renewable energies have a big part. Fosil fuels are limitated and they will soon be exhausted. Sun however will go on shining during 5 millions of years more. Solar energy is future, and our concentrator is the future of solar energy, because it concentrates solar energy in electricity and heat.

Solar hot water

Cilindrical parabolic concentrators make a fluid pass throug an small pipe where heat is concentrated, causing that this heats and we can get solar hot water.

They are lineal focus concentrators with tracking in only one axis.

They are lineal focus concentrators with an only axel

Cilindrical parabolic colector, called CPC, owes its name to one of its mains components: its reflective cilindrical parabolic surface that reflects direct solar radiation concentrating it on an absorbent pipe situated on the focal line of parabol. This radiation, concentrated over the pipe makes the liquid inside be heated, transformating on this way solar radiation in thermal energy, in state of latent heat of the fluid.

The type of working fluid used in CPC depends on the temperature we want to reach. If desired temperature is moderated (up to 400ºF), we can use demineralizating water or Erilen glico as working fluids. Synthetic fluids are used in those applications where we need higher temperatures (from 400ºF)