Minihydraulic Energy

Minihydraulic Energy

Hydraulic energy derives from the power of the water flow of rivers or water falls. This power is used to turn a turbine and convert it to electricity through a generator. The greater the water drop, the greater the electric power obtained.

Electrification of isolated buildings

With mini-hydraulic energy we can provide electricity to any building, cabin, rural hotel or shelter, isolated from the electric grid and guarantee the supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For rural dwellings is recommended the use of micro turbines.

A potency of up to 5 kW allows to electrify a rural dweling, generating enough electricity to cover the basic needs of a conventional home.

The minimun high of the dam is 1,5 m., and the 35 liters/second can be enough. If the dam is higher, minimun flow can be reduced to 5 liters/second.