Solar power

Solar power

Solar power derives directly from the Sun. The Sun is a free and endless source of energy that respects the environment without producing greenhouse gas emissions. With the use of photovoltaic panels, we can produce electricity during the day, store it and consume it later.

Wind and solar power

Sometimes, more than one type of solar energy is installed, for instance, photovoltaic and eolic, because the weather conditions make it more advantageous.

Functionality of a Wind and solar power facility is identical to the photovoltaic ones. The only difference is that a wind mill is added to the installation, together with a regulator, that transforms DC electricty produced by aerogenerator in AC to elevate potencial of solar panels.

Solar wind energy

Disadvantages of diesel power generation

Logistics: distribution and storage of fuel
• is a dirty fuel emanating CO2 emong other toxics
• is expensive and its price rises continuously
• is not renewable. The peak oil is near, as it announces the International Energy Agency.

For this reason, an option increasingly extends into rural areas is the use of renewable energy to generate electricity.

Ventajas de la electrificacion rural mediante fotovoltaica o eolica

Renewable: solar and wind energy is not exhausted when prey
Ecological: renewable plants do not emit CO2 or other pollutants
cheap: after an initial investment to purchase the equipment for installation, the fuel is free, since it provides the same nature.
Simple: it works automatically with minimal maintenance, so you do not need to be worrying about having enough fuel continents
• Receives Grants

USA is a territory particularly advantageous for the use of photovoltaic solar energy, given the amount of solar radiation we receive throughout the year. In some places, especially in the mountains, it is advisable to make a hybrid installation, ie it also includes a wind turbine to supplement the production of electricity, since weather conditions that produce both energies are complementary. In addition both systems enjoy the opportunity to receive grants to install.


Technical Service

Soliclima offers technical support for maintenance and repair of its facilities to rural electrification through solar energy or photovoltaic


PV batteries in alaska

Solar system in Alaska

Hybrid photovoltaic installation with eolic and solar energy for agricultural use in Alaska . It combines 1 photovoltaic plate of 125 Wp with a 400 Wp wind turbine

Also included are, a solar regulator, 6 batteries of 680 A, a 1500 W inverter and a 20 A regulator. The installed power is 125 Wp photovoltaic and 400 Wp eolic, for an average consumption of 1.2 kWh/day. It also has an inverter that converts direct current into alternating current, suitable for the use of appliances.

To enhance the performance of the installation, stationary batteries are used. They are less economic than block (car type) bateries, but, more durable and efficient.

When we talk about eolic energy, we tend to think of the great parks of companies such as Iberdrola and Acciona, but, wind power can also be used in small domestic installations, if the wind has a minimum strenght in that area. In fact, when a rural home or business needs electricity, combining solar photovoltaic and wind power is the best option, because, the weather conditions that produce them, complement each other.