Solar power

Solar power

Solar power derives directly from the Sun. The Sun is a free and endless source of energy that respects the environment without producing greenhouse gas emissions. With the use of photovoltaic panels, we can produce electricity during the day, store it and consume it later.

Sale of electricity

For many years we have known the technology to connect installations of photovoltaic solar panels to the electrical network. This experience allows us to customize the installation in order to be able to sell the most amount of energy. Therefore, we only use the best sinusoidal wave inverters that are perfectly hooked up to the network frequency with a very high performance.

To invest in a photovoltaic facility to sell the electricity to the common grid can be a profitable business. California State pays {intro_info},39 per kWh. It is expected that Obama Administration will introduce grants in the whole country.

What means to sale electricity

To sale electricity means that you install a solar power system to produce electricity, and you sale that electricity to the electricity company.

General situation of solar power

  • International community, through international agreements such as Kyoto Protocol, has chosen solar power as a real alternative to solve the energy needs in the world.
  • Renewable sector is one of big projection, then it generates employment, it decreases energy dependency and adds other values such as R+D+i.
  • Most of our country enjoys a profitable location to the use of solar energy
  • Solar power helps to decrease the energy dependence of foreign countries.

Who can sell electricity ?

Sale of electricity

Anyone that has a minimal capital of .000 and wants to invest with a warranted rentability of 10%. The rentability of the solar power system is about 11 years

It is not necesary to have any knowledge to invest. Soliclima deal with all the requirements and offers turnkey arrays, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Solar photovoltaic array - solar panels and other devices required to the proper working of the facility- can be on a roof or on the floor.

Warehouses can get a profit from their roofs for big photovoltaic projects that can be participated by several differente societies. If you have a warehouse with a proper oriented roof, but you donĀ“t want to invest in solar energy, you can simply hire your roof and get a profit from a thing that has no other profit otherwise.

If you are a private citizen that doesnt have a big capital, you can use your own roof for the solar array. Blocks of flats can get also a profit from their roofs and warrantee some regular incomes for the common costs, increasing the level of life of every inhabitant in the building.

How to invest in solar power

Warehouses roof hiring

Warehouses owners can hire their roof to install a solar array over them. There are different types of financial agreements.

Own turnkey arrays

This is the investment that a private citicen or a company makes to install a solar power array and sell the electricity to the electricity company through a technological partner as Soliclima, that manage the project as turnkey.

Operation in society

You participate in a corporation that has as aim to invest in a solar array to sell the produced electricity. It works as any other type of business with partners.

Types of solar power arrays

Solar arrays on warehouses roofs. Advantages

  • It produces more profit in warehouses dedicated to produce services and goods.
  • They use an existing connection to the grid for the injection of the generated electricity.
  • They produce more power there where is needed, where the consumption takes place.
  • They cause smaller environmental impact/li>

Solar power on single family house roof: They are made on the roof of private houses.

Solar farms: they are usually known as solar farms. The solar panels are directly on the floor.

Sell warranties

  • In countries as Spain, the State warranties a fixed prices for each kWh during 25 years
  • We can calculate with a period of amortization of among 8 and 11 years.
  • The useful lifetime of the array is about 25 years.

Financial information

Investment starting from .000. No limit.
Amortization: among 8 and 11 years
Rentability: about 10%, althought this depends on the solar radiation received by the plates.

Advantages of this type of investment

High rentability warrantied by the goverment in some countries, most of them, from Europe
Minimal risk
Fiscal incentives
Responsible investment: to help renewable energies helps to fight against climate change.

What solar power is

Solar power is a renewable energy with several advantages:

  • It is produced locally, what decreases the energy dependence from foreign countries
  • It doesn't pollute nor emits CO2
  • It is renewable, that means, it doesn't get exhausted
  • It receives Grants and other incentives

Solar power has different technologies. Most known are solar thermal energy, used to produce heat for domestic uses: domestic heating and hot water; and solar power, also known as solar photovoltaic energy, that generates electricity.

Solar power panels use a semiconductor material, generally silicon. This material absorbs light particles -photons-, which are a type of energy, and transform it into electricity.

In order to have the facility in proper function, it is necessary to make some calculations and to add some devices to photovoltaic modules, depending on the use we make of them.


What a solar power array for the sale of electicity is

Electricity production is entirely sold to the electricity company.

Main technical feature of a solar array installed to sell the electricity is that we need a connection point potent enough to inject the electricity into the grid. The electricity company will inform you of where there is such a point, and about the amount of electricity you can inject. You can rely on us for the rest.

About Sun & Climate

Sun & Climate has more than 10 years o experience by doing this kind of installations. Total power that we have installed is higher than 4 MW.

Our solar power facilities have always worked without generating troubleshooting, and our Technical Support is always alert to their proper functioning of our installed arrays.


solar power plant in new mexico

Solar power plant in New Mexico

Sale of 100 kW of solar power to the grid in New Mexico

Solar photovoltaic installation connected to the grid, located on the roof of an industrial warehouse

This is a 100 kW plant consisting of 504 plates of 200 kWp each, which occupy an area of 1,500 m2. A total of 21 inversors of 4.6 kW each, were placed for this installation. Here, we have a view from the street, of the roof mounted plates of this industrial warehouse. This installation is capable of supplying electricity to 22 families and prevents the emission of more than 65 tons of CO2 annually.