Solar heating and cooling

Solar heating and cooling

The boom that renewable energies are experimenting these last few years, has accelerated the development of new applications and technologies for these systems. For many years, utilizing solar energy to fight the summer heat, had been tried, precisely using what we have the most during the summertime: solar radiation. Until now, a really efficient system for Solar heating and cooling had not been developed. Now, finally, Soliclima can offer an innovative system that has received international awards.

Solar heating and cooling

It may seem contradictory, but cold can be generated from heat. This is very interesting, since, it´s in the summer when there is a greater demand for air conditioning and a bigger availability of solar thermal energy can be obtained.

Aplications in Solar heating and cooling

Solar cooling

It is possible to cool a home with the same radiant floor installation used to heat it in the winter. For heating, hot water runs through the system and for cooling, cold water. In the summer, we need to dehumidify20the air and fan-coil dehumidifiers will have to be installed. It´s in the summertime when there is a larger demand for air conditioning and a greater availability of solar thermal energy can be obtained.

Climatewell is a compact cooling and heating system working all around the clock, giving a solution to practically all the cover needs of a dwelling: hot water, heating, cooling and swimming pool climatization. There is yet a feature that makes this product a must in every house: it is the only system that can acumulate solar thermal energy. It acumulates energy by means of the change of state of matter, on a similar way to a heat pump.